Since SPE's Honored Service Member (HSM) Award was established in 1992, 357 members have been awarded this prestigious title.

To be elected an Honored Service Member, a candidate shall have demonstrated long-term, outstanding service to, and support of, the Society and its objectives and shall be supported by the Board of Directors of at least one Section or Division.

HSM Submission Guidelines:

Submission guidelines provide a roadmap to nominating a candidate for the HSM award. Download HSM Submission Guidelines here.

Application Deadlines:

  • Completed application deadline: October 1
  • Information as requested by Fellows Election Committee Chair: November 1
  • Committee report forwarded to the Executive Board for endorsement: January
  • Presentation of Fellows certificates and pins - ANTEC®

Nominating Process:

  • Step 1: Nominate HSM Candidate here.
  • Step 2: Nominee's eligibility confirmation.
  • Step 3Fill out Nominee's Score Sheet. IMPORTANT! After filling out Score Sheet, save to your computer. You must include the Score Sheet when submitting the HSM application.
  • Step 4: Submit nominee application. Process Champion is responsible for coordinating, reviewing, and submitting candidate's application and supporting documents (see guidelines).
  • Step 5: If Committee requires additional applicant information, Process Champion will make necessary updates.

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