Vinyltec® 2022 - Charting the Course for a Sustainable Future

Vinyltec® 2022 Conference Program


Wednesday, September 28

8:00 AM
Session 1 Moderator - Ron Raleigh, Cargill

Welcome Comments and Event Introduction
Mark Lavach, Arkema


Session 1 - Vinyl Association Updates

8:10 AM LEED Certification Case Study - Saint Gobain North American Headquarters
Stan Gatland, Saint-Gobain NA
8:40 AM Polymeric Cladding: Sustainability, Resiliency and Design, VSI Workforce Initiative
Matt Dobson, Vinyl Siding Institute
9:10 AM An Overview of PVC Pipe's Sustainability Attributes
Bruce Hollands, Uni-Bell
9:40 AM Break
10:00 AM The 2022 PVC Reclaim and Recycling Horizon - Lessons from the Vinyl Institute of Canada on the Sustainability Space and Its Impacts in the US & Globally
Tribu Persaud, Norwich Plastics
10:30 AM PPFA Codes & Standards
Mike Cudahy, PPFA
11:00 AM Recycled Materials Standard Activity and Cell Classification
Alan Kupfer, Westlake
11:30 AM Lunch & Keynote Speaker
The Value of Sustainability for the Vinyl Industry

Ted Radzinski, Sustainable Solutions Corporation

Session 2 - Addressing Megatrends (VI Report on Megatrends)

Session 2 Moderator - Bill Kuhn, Hi-Tech Profiles, Inc.  
1:00 PM

Update on PVC Recycling Technologies in Europe. Case Study: Extraction of Heavy Metals from Post-Consumer PVC Through Selective Dissolution
Patrick Morel, KemOne

1:30 PM Industry 4.0 Automation With the Planetary Roller Extruder and Continuous Processing
Michael Batton, ENTEX
2:00 PM Future Possibilities for Antimicrobials
Dr. Richard Spontack, NC State
2:30 PM Break
3:00 PM Industrial AI: Current State and Looking to the Future
Bryan Dubois, RoviSys
3:30 PM Addressing Worker Shortages
Ed Keil, Plastic Executive Recruiters, LLC
4:00 PM Color Improvement Based on High Quality PVC Blending
Ed Ford, Mixaco
4:30 PM Formulating PVC Plastisols with Sustainable Plasticizers
Amanda Freshwater, Valtris
6:00-7:30 PM Cocktail Party

Thursday, September 29

7:50 AM
Session 3 Moderator - William Arendt, Velsicol Chemical

Welcome, Opening Comments
William Arendt, Velsicol Chemical


Session 3 - PVC Additives

8:00 AM Matting Agents for Vinyl
Christopher You, Arkema
8:30 AM Copolyester Additives for Rigid PVC
Marc A. Strand, Ph.D., Eastman
9:00 AM Replacement of Tin Stabilizers in Rigid PVC Applications
Ryo Yamamasu, Adeka
9:30 AM Break
9:45 AM Performance Attributes of SAN-based Process Aids
Phil Cascais, Galata Chemicals
10:10 AM A Study of CaZn/Tin/CaZn Boosted Stabilizer Systems
Stuart Parks, NORAC
10:40 AM Recent Innovations in Lubricants for Rigid PVC Extrusion Applications
Justyn Miller, Sasol
11:10 AM Advances in Stabilizing PVC with Alkyltin Thioesters & Universal Mechanism of PVC Stabilization
Peter Frenkel, Galata Chemicals
11:35 AM Luncheon and Board Meeting, Awards
Session 4 Moderator - Emily McBride, Lanxess

Session 4 - Sustainability and Recycling

1:00 PM Life Cycle Analysis and Vinyl Sustainability Council
Domenic DeCaria, Vinyl Institute
1:30  PM Plasticizers in Food Contact Materials - Media & Scientific Issues, Regulatory Situation, and Important Topics for the Future
Patrick Harmon, BASF
2:00 PM Break
2:15 PM The Next Generation of Carbon Black From Renewable Energy and Methane
David Zheng, Monolith
2:45 PM Vinnolit GreenVin PVC Thermoplastics Specialty Resins with Lower CO2 Emission Levels
Dr. Andreas Winter, Westlake Vinnolit GmbH & Co. KG
3:15 PM Inline Dual Stage Slot Capillary Extrusion – Why Shear and Heat History of PVC Formulations Including Recycled Materials Matter
Matt Luebbers, Ph.D., Brabender CWB Instruments, Inc
3:45 PM The Role of Acrylic Processing Aids in PVC Recycling
John Cornetta, Dow

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