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Conference Proceedings
Determining Apparent Melt Viscosity by Cavity Pressure
S. Horváth | A. Szücs
The online measurement of the viscosity of the polymer melt may contribute to the production of excellent products. The supervisory system of injection molding machines can only provide limited feedback on the processes in the cavity, therefore measuring the pressure in the mold contributes to the supervision of quality. The goal of our research is to gain more knowledge about the filling process and to determine the apparent viscosity of the material in the filling phase. For the research eight pressure sensors per cavity were built into an experimental specimen mold. Varying the wall thickness, the apparent viscosity was determined at different melt speeds. In the filling phase, non-isothermal and non-adiabatic flow were examined, they were considerably different from the environment of standard measuring equipment. The results were validated with a Göttfert capillary rheometer. They showed good agreement in a certain speed range and wall thickness when PP was used.

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