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Plastics In UVC Sterilization Conference

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Agenda — Wednesday, March 23

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8:55 AM
Welcome and Opening Remarks
Bruce Mulholland, Retired (Celanese)
9:00 AM
Effects of Ultraviolet-C Radiation Exposure on Aircraft Cabin Materials
Stephen Yates, Ph.D., Senior Fellow, Honeywell Aerospace
9:30 AM
Application of UVC Disinfection in Hospital Environment
Setayesh Sepas, Ph.D., Principal T&D Engineer Materials & Finishing, Philips Healthcare
10:00 AM
Exposing Customers and their Plastics to UVC
Elliot Kreitenberg, Co-Founder and President, Dimer
10:55 AM
Paul Uglum, Technology Advocate, Uglum Consulting, LLC
10:30 AM

Healthcare Environmental Disinfection with a Multiple Emitter UV-C System
Jeff Veenhuis, President & CEO, Surfacide Manufacturing

- Hosted by SPE Medical Plastics division
11:00 AM
An Introduction to the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA)
Sophie Poelmans, IUVA Materials Task force leader, International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA)
11:30 AM
Materials Testing for Durability to UVC Light Exposure
Andy Francis, Marketing Director, Q-Lab Corporation
1:30 PM
Understanding the Impact of UV-C Light Exposure on Aircraft Cabin Materials
John Harris, Ph.D., BR&T Support to IRC & Payload Technologies, Boeing
2:00 PM
UVC Material Exposure Testing
Matt McGreer, Director, Atlas Weathering Services Group, Atlas Material Testing Technology, LLC
2:30 PM

Influence of UVC on Appearance and Properties of Polycarbonates and Related Thermoplastics
Paul Nowatzki, Ph.D., Senior Product Expert, Polycarbonates — Healthcare, Covestro

- Hosted by SPE Medical Plastics division
3:00 PM
Stabiliziation of Polymeric Materials Exposed to UV-C Radiation
Joseph Fay, Ph.D., Technical Fellow, BASF
3:30 PM
The Power of UVC - Shining a Light on the Impact of UVC Energy on Polymers in the Battle Against Virus Transmission
Xin Li, R&I Manager, Strategic Projects - Polymer Additives, Solvay

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