National Week of Coloring Plastics

National Week of Coloring Plastics — CAD RETEC® 2020 Presentations

Friday, March 25, 2022


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Welcome Remarks (Sept. 21, 2020)
Jeff Drusda, Senior Innovation Consultant, Chemours
How Gloss and Texture Affect Visual Color
Jeralyn Camp, Regional Sales Manager, BYK Gardner
Functioning the Pigment Interface with 1.5-Nanometer Titanates and Zirconates
Salvatore Monte, President, Kenrich Chemicals
Coloring Plastics for a Sustainable World
Breeze Briggs, Technical Industry Manager, SunChemical
Advances in Liquid Color Concentrate Formulation
Nathan Noyes, Lead Applications Specialist, Croda
PlastChicks — The Voices of Resin!
Featured speaker: Adam Reinitz, Offering Management Consultant, Chemours Titanium Technologies.
Hosted by Mercedes Landazuri, Design Application Lead, Peacock Color and Lynzie Nebel, Upstream Quote Engineer, Cytivia.
Increasing Pigment Black Jetness with Color Pigment Blending
Curtis Ross, Technical Service Manager, DCL Corporation
The Effect of Particle Size, Morphology, and Loading Levels, of Aluminum Pigments in Polypropylene Molded Products
Patrick Ryan, Technical Service Representative Plastics, Silberline
Welcome Remarks (Sept. 22, 2020)
Jeff Drusda, Senior Innovation Consultant, Chemours
Innovation in Unlikely Places: Hard Work, Attentiveness, and Luck Lead to New Pigment Chemistries
Mark Ryan, Marketing Manager, The Shepherd Color Company
Colorant Stability in Common Sanitizing Solutions
Mike Willis, Technical Manager, Sun Chemical
Reconciling Risk Assesment of Colourants with Contemporary NIAS Strategy
Eric Andrews, Technical Service Manager, Colour Synthesis Solutions
Consumer Packaging Directions for 2020+
George Iannuzzi, Color Specialist
Design for Sustainability - A Case Study with Appearance Nylon
Bruce Mulholland, Global Color Technology Manager, Celanese(Retired)
Role of Branding and Color Science in Medical Devices
Jacqueline Anim, Sr. Principal Materials Engineer, Ethicon
PANEL: Sustainability Challenges for Colors & Plastics
Doreen Becker, Director of Global Sustainability, Ampacet
George Iannuzzi, Color Specialist
Jana Reichle, Design Director, Berard Design
Welcome Remarks (Sept. 23, 2020)
Jeff Drusda, Senior Innovation Consultant, Chemours
Colorants – Part IV of the CAD Color Education Series
Mike Willis, Technical Manager, Sun Chemical
The Effect of Accelerated Weathering Conditions on the Appearance of Polymer Compounds Intended for Outdoor Applications
Joseph Fay, PhD, Technical Fellow, BASF
New Functional Inorganic Pigments for Laser marking and Compostable Plastic Products
Rob Lorenzini,PhD, Technology Manager, Maroon Group

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