National Week of Coloring Plastics

About the SPE National Week of Coloring Plastics

March 21–25, 2022

Are you interested in pursuing a career in coloring of plastics or just want to learn more?

Learn from our industry experts.

Who would you benefit from attending the National Week of Coloring of Plastics?

  • Get a better understanding of your company’s coloring issues
  • New to your job? Have the desire to communicate more effectively with peers and subordinates
  • Color formulators/technicians to better understand the theory behind their work
  • Color specifiers/approvers to understand limitations in coloring of plastics
  • Sales personnel hoping to gain more technical knowledge to better serve their customers
  • Product designers wishing to better understand the technology behind the coloring of plastics, to make better and more informed decisions
  • Processors (injection molding, extrusion, etc) to better understand color technology
  • Resin formulators to learn more about how colors are formulated

Event Program

Workshops, tutorials, and Presentations

Tuesday, March 22
Color Tutorials
Thursday, March 24
Advance Color Tutorials
Available on Friday


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