Essentials of Management & Leadership in Plastics, powered by SPE
SPE Certificate in Leadership Program


When participating Essentials of Management & Leadership in Plastics, emerging leaders are further prepared for leadership within the plastics industry. Here are a number of reasons why Essentials of Management & Leadership in Plastics can help accelerate your career growth. 

Increase Your Management Skills
Do you want to improve your ability to strategize, communicate, critically think, manage time, or collaborate with or lead a team and/or project? This program will strengthen your skills as a leader and decision-maker within your company. 
Gain Practical Knowledge
You’ll gain practical and applicable knowledge by gaining an understanding of the latest management concepts, such as employee engagement, company culture, purpose-driven leadership, and how to lead teams and projects. Studying such concepts will improve your ability to lead and direct your business’ operations and people.
Cohort-based Learning
SPE’s Certificate in Leadership is a cohort-based program with opportunities for participants to engage in learning materials on their own schedule, asynchronously, as well as participate in live group training sessions, synchronously, with other learners.
Grow Your Network
Through this program, you will have multiple opportunities to connect with like-minded plastics professionals from around the world. You can connect with your peers to share career interests and goals, ask questions, seek advice, and learn more deeply about management and leadership within the plastics industry. Networking with other leaders and managers is a great way to share experiences and gain new perspectives.
Develop Your Leadership Style
Investing time earning your Certificate in Leadership will help develop your leadership style. The advantage of studying while working is that you can apply course knowledge to see what leadership styles work best for you. As you go through the program, you’ll also become more confident in your management abilities.
Gain a Competitive Edge
Completing this program demonstrates your business expertise. It also builds your resume and can make you more qualified for senior positions—especially compared to individuals who haven’t invested in their professional development. Earning this certificate shows drive and passion for improvement. The best leaders never stop learning.
Earn More
Earning SPE's Essentials of Management & Leadership in Plastics may increase your earning potential. As you apply your certificate knowledge to improve the systems, effectiveness, and morale of your company, you may be qualified for a raise or more senior (and higher-paying) position.

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