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SPE Insight

  • Advances in chemistry improve film recyclability, precision of automotive parts and even asphalt

    From flexible and rigid packaging to mobility and roads, the boundaries of ethylene polymers are poised to expand and create more sustainable options for everyday uses, according to Dow research presented at ANTEC® 2021 on May 6.

  • Large printed water drainage parts would speed repairs and cost less than conventional versions

    Large-scale 3D printing is being evaluated to repair water-diverting highway culverts, according to Sunil Bhandari of the University of Maine, speaking in a virtual ANTEC® presentation on May 10. An experimental culvert diffuser will be installed in Maine in July and tested in October when the autumn rains arrive.

  • Biobased materials generate large volumes of steam that require costly new equipment to process

    In addressing the commercialization realities of “green” materials, Adam Dreiblatt of CPM Extrusion Group highlighted the challenges compounders face in delivering performance on existing equipment at acceptable cost.

  • Chocolatier and TC Transcontinental work to find sweet spot for sustainable packaging

    Canadian chocolatier Chewters is partnering with TC Transcontinental Packaging to develop more sustainable flexible packaging for the former’s ChocoXO brand. Officials from both firms shared what they’ve learned in the effort at a virtual ANTEC® 2021 conference on May 6, moderated by Conor Carlin, SPE’s vice president of sustainability.


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