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Best Practices - Educational Support

  • Various groups offer various forms of Student Chapter support. This support can help solidify a college student’s desire to remain an SPE member after graduation. The more the student has been exposed to SPE programming and membership benefits, the greater the probability of retaining the student throughout their career. Groups should consider sponsoring travel expenses to conferences and co-pays for Society membership.
  • Partner with your local universities and develop relationships with the engineering departments…in addition to creating a pipeline for members, it is easy to get involved with their respective student chapters.
  • Some groups have created their own 501-3C educational foundations as an avenue to offer scholarships to high school and college students based on criteria that they have created.
  • Many groups choose the support student education through the SPE Foundation, an affiliate of SPE, which was established expressly for the purpose of offering scholarships to students who have demonstrated an interest in the plastics industry. For additional information, please contact Eve Vitale
  • Over the years, groups have compiled a wealth of information that is available for their members. Consider compiling this information in handbook form or electronically for easy distribution. A good example of this is the Extrusion Solutions Handbook.
  • Provide complimentary admission to any students that want to attend sessions
  • Support local trade schools that deal in polymers with materials, used equipment, cheaper new equipment or educational scholarships for their students. These schools tend to operate on much smaller budgets and need all of the help that they can get.