Hotel and Travel Information

Hotel Information

Hotel Information

The organization has pre-booked a contingency of different hotel rooms in several top hotels in Valladolid, which have offered special rates for participants in the FOAMS® 2019 tutorials & conference. Moreover, all these hotels are located at the city center, and most of these hotels are at walking distance of the Conference Venue. Details of these hotels and prices can be found in the following table, all the rates include taxes, breakfast and WiFi.

Special rates FOAMS® 2019
Category Distance to the Conference Venue Hotel Double Room Individual Use Double Room Reservation Email
**** 250 m Colón Plaza 83.60 € 94.60 €
**** 350 m Melia Recoletos 88.00 € 101.20 €
**** 500 m Felipe IV 75.90 € 86.90 €
**** 550 m Gareus 83.60 € 94.60 €
**** 900 m Amadeus 79.20 € 92.40 €
**** 1000 m ELE Enara 83.60 € 94.60 €
**** 1300 m Atrio 83.60 € 94.60 €
*** 400 m ZENTRAL Parque 59 € (individual room) 78.00 €

Please make your hotel reservation at your earliest convenience (special rates will apply only until August 31st). Reservation should be made contacting directly the selected hotel via email, indicating the condition of attendant to the FOAMS® 2019 tutorials & conference in order to get the special rates.

Travel Information

Travel Information

Valladolid has a small airport with a few incoming flights. Therefore, it is usually more convenient to fly to Madrid (Airport Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas) and then travel by train to Valladolid (about 1 hour).


How to arrive from Madrid Airport to Madrid “Chamartin” Train Station

It is possible to arrive from “Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas” airport to the city by train (“Cercanias Train”) or underground transportation. In particular, to continue travelling to Valladolid, it is most convenient to travel by train from the airport to “Chamartin” train station.

Train information (every train starting from the airport stops at “Chamartin” train station)

Underground information (route from Airport T1-T2-T3 to “Chamartin” train station, please check and update the date and time)


How to arrive from Madrid to Valladolid

Although it is possible to travel by bus from Madrid to Valladolid, or it is also possible to rent a car a drive for around 2.5 hours, it is most convenient to travel by train from Madrid’s “Chamartin” train station to Valladolid train station. There are trains almost every hour, and it takes about 1 hour to arrive. It is possible to check the timetable and book the trains online.


How to arrive at the Conference’s venue

Conference’s venue could be easily reached from the train station by walking (5 minutes, route here). If you are planning to rent a car there is a parking near the Conference’s venue.

The venue is located in the city center at a walking distance from the hotels selected for the conference.

How to arrive at the Tutorial’s venue

The meeting will take place at a building closed to Science Faculty called CTTA building. As this building is not very well known, it is easiest to reach first the SCIENCE FACULTY. Both buildings are placed at CAMPUS MIGUEL DELIBES and separated by 100 meters. Once you reach the science faculty we will place some indications to arrive to CTTA (please check the scheme below).

There are several ways to arrive here:

  • Taxi: The easiest way probably. It is not very expensive if you are coming from the city center, it could be around 7€. As the CTTA building is not very well known, maybe it is better to say to the driver to go to CAMPUS MIGUEL DELIBES, and to SCIENCE FACULTY.
  • Bus: There is a bus coming from city center to the Campus Miguel Delibes. The campus is the last stop of the bus and once you arrive you have to walk some minutes, (no more than 3 or 5) to reach Science Faculty. You can pick the bus near Plaza Mayor in the city center.

    Here is more information regarding the Valladolid buses (in Spanish Only).

    The option on the left (Parquesol-Huerta del Rey-Fuente Dorada-Belén) is the direction you have to pick to go from the city center to Campus Miguel Delibes). The easiest option is to take the bus at PLAZA FUENTE DORADA, very near to Plaza Mayor.

    The option on the right (Belén-Plaza Mayor-Huerta del Rey-Parquesol) is the direction you have to pick to go back from Campus Miguel Delibes to city center). The best option to stop in the city center is to stop near Plaza Mayor. The name of the bus stop is DUQUE DE LA VICTORIA.

    In this link if you press the red buttons a map showing where the bus stop is located appears.
  • Car: If you are planning to rent a car you can also reach here quite easy. The GPS coordinates of CTTA are:
    Lat: 41º39’46.31’’ N
    Long: 4º42’20.54’’ W.
  • Walking: It is possible to walk from the city center to the Campus Miguel Delibes. Estimated time is around 25-30 minutes.

Visa information

FOAMS® 2019 conference & tutorial attendants requiring an invitation letter to apply for visa please contact the organization ( You can find more information about visa and visa application via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain. Click here to find the Spanish’s Embassy or Consulate in your country and contact them. If you want to visit Spain for a maximum of 90 days you may need a short-stay Schengen visa. This depends on your nationality (click here for more information). The visa allows you to travel freely within Spain and other Schengen countries within a 180-day period.

Copyright & Permission to Use

Photographs and audio/video recordings may be taken during the conference, pre-conference meetings and receptions that may include attendees within sessions, networking areas, exhibition areas, and other areas associated with the conference both inside and outside of the venue. By registering for this event, all attendees are providing permission for SPE to use this material at its discretion on SPE's websites, marketing materials, and publications. SPE retains ownership of copyright to all photographs and audio/video recording obtained at this event and attendees may request copies of any material in which they are included.


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