SPE Palisades-New Jersey Technical Meeting: Recycling Innovations

January 23, 2020 at 5:00PM EST


The next meeting will be Thursday, January 23 at Rutgers Busch campus in the Fiber Optics Building auditorium. Refreshments 5-6 pm, Speakers 6-8 pm. Come hear four experts in the area of plastics recycling. Jun Wang, materials scientist from Colgate Palmolive, will speak about their new recyclable tube design. Eric Olsson, Sustainability Projects and Market Strategy for Braskem America, will share some of the many ways to approach recycling and sustainability. Dr.Thomas Nosker, a professor at Rutgers and an inventor and pioneer in making structural plastic lumber for commercial uses from recycled plastics, will share his expertise in recovering plastic materials and processing them into new products. And Sal Monte, president of Kenrich Petrochemicals, will present will present some of his latest work on compatibilizing dissimilar materials in thermoplastics recycling.


Rutgers University - Busch Campus
Fiber Optics Building Auditorium
New Brunswick, NJ


Member and Guests $25
Student and Faculty Free with RSVP


5:00–6:00PM Refreshments and Networking
6:00–8:00PM Seminar


Contact Jennifer Markarian at +1 908.638.5669.