Best Practices for Exhibitors at Virtual Events

Before the Event

  • Define your booth strategy
  • What are your goals?
  • What are your attendee's needs?
  • Brainstorm with your team about what you want to achieve and how you will achieve it
    • Define your team's roles and responsibilities
      • Appoint a lead to assign meetings as they come in
      • Create a schedule for managing the live booth chat—if more than one person
  • Pre-event marketing to drive awareness to your booth
    • What options are there to promote your participation at the event with the event organization?
      • Via dedicated emails (additional fee - $2,000)
      • Use Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram) to promote your participation to your audience—drive attendees to your booth
      • Can you use the event to launch a new product? If so, tease it in your messaging pre-show
  • Network before the show
    • Keep an eye out for our Opening Announcement and be sure to access the attendee list to start targeting your audience
  • Design your booth space (See ANTEC/Swapcard Setup Guide)
    • Make your images and videos compelling
    • Use your brand colors, high quality images, and content that is engaging
    • Content for your booth
      • Prepare in advance and locate or create informative documents
      • Think about your target audience and the kind of content they would find valuable at this event
      • Make your information clear and concise

During the Event

  • Host an educational session as part of the event agenda or in your booth
    • You can create your add-ons including session sponsorship or ads, and more (contact Michael Greskiewicz for more information)
    • Use Push Notifications, to promote a time to do a product demo or launch—at your booth for example (Additional fee $600/3 notifications)
  • Keep checking attendee list
    • Filter the attendee list by registration date so you know which attendees are new
  • Be active
    • Attend relevant sessions and be active in the live session chats—many times attendees ask questions that allow you and your team to show your industry expertise

After the Event

  • Send a post event email to all attendees (Additional fee $2000)
  • Check the data and analytics
    • Download team contacts and team meetings
  • Check with Michael Greskiewicz on what data will be available after the show
    • Who:
      • came to booth
      • bookmarked product, booth
      • attended your sponsored session
      • downloaded a product/document
  • Follow up with leads after the event
    • The platform will be available through the end of October 2021
    • Check in for notifications on chats or connection requests
    • Set up follow up meetings or send information that may be helpful, depending on conversations you had

This program is provided as a service to the plastics industry. The views and opinions expressed on this or any SPE program are those of the Speaker(s) and/or the persons appearing with the Speaker(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Society of Plastics Engineers, Inc. (SPE) or its officials, employees or designees. To comment or to express an opposing opinion, please contact us at

Refund Policy

No refunds will be granted. Registration may be transferred to an alternate person if requested. No transfers of registration after May 1. For registration questions or issues, contact SPE Customer Relations: +1 203.775.0471.

Copyright & Permission to Use

SPE may take photographs and audio/video recordings during the conference, pre-conference meetings and receptions that may include attendees within sessions, networking areas, exhibition areas, and other areas associated with the conference both inside and outside of the venue. By registering for this event, all attendees are providing permission for SPE to use this material at its discretion on SPE's websites, marketing materials, and publications. SPE retains ownership of copyright to all photographs and audio/video recording obtained at this event and attendees may request copies of any material in which they are included.

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