Exhibitor FAQs

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ANTEC® Classic will run daily from 9:00AM to 5:00PM EST, May 17–21, 2021
Go to a company or member profile and select the time slot you’d like to request a meeting for. The member or company must approve the meeting. You will receive a notification to join the call to start the meeting.
Go to their profile and click on the video icon in the chat box. (If you have a past message with them, you can also go to the message page, and click the video icon there to start a call.) You must have an approved connection. When your connection is approved, you will see the video icon on their profile to start a call. You can also go to the message page and click on the video icon there.
Go to “My Event” then “My meetings” to find the meeting. Once found, click the green “Meeting Call” button.

The message icon on the top right will highlight red and include the number of new messages you have.

For new connection requests and meeting requests, the bell icon on the top right will highlight red and include the number of new notifications. You will also receive a notification in the “My Event” tab under "My meetings". If you have not seen a notification within 24 hours, you will receive an email notifying you to log into the platform to see your new notifications. Make sure this setting is turned on, you can toggle this on and off in the settings page.
Please ensure that your profile is visible. You can toggle this on and off on the Networking & Meetings page on the left-hand panel.
No, you can review a full list of attendees at the Networking & Meetings tab.

For Your Header Banner

  • We recommend using a 1200 x 675px (16:9 ratio) image, no larger than 1MB.
  • Upload a custom video! We recommend creating a video 2 - 3 minutes in length to welcome guests to your booth, offer some company background and highlight your signature products. Upload it on YouTube or Vimeo, then paste the ID in the Video ID bar.

For Your Sidebar Banner

  • Upload images to your sidebar banner to attract people to your Virtual Booth. We recommend using a 1080x1920px (9:16 ratio) image, no larger than 1MB.

For your Background Image

  • We recommend using a 2560x1600px (16:10 ratio) image, no larger than 1MB.
No, not once they have been uploaded. In order to re-arrange the order of your products and services please reupload them.
No, team members will always be listed in alphabetical order.
Yes, reassign a meeting to another team member in the Exhibitor Center > Meetings tab.
Yes, the first step is to start the meeting with the attendee and then go to the team member’s profile and add them to the meeting.
Contacts will be collected here when a member-to-member connection has been approved and the team member has the contact sharing feature turned on.
Videos are uploaded in the Exhibitor Center. The video must be a link from YouTube or Vimeo.
Please note that each member must be registered. Then ad them as a “Team Member” in the Exhibitor Center > Your Team. Enter the email address that they registered with. This member will now have access to the Exhibitor Center and receive all notifications at the company profile level.
(There is no limit to how many team members you can have in your booth.)

This program is provided as a service to the plastics industry. The views and opinions expressed on this or any SPE program are those of the Speaker(s) and/or the persons appearing with the Speaker(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Society of Plastics Engineers, Inc. (SPE) or its officials, employees or designees. To comment or to express an opposing opinion, please contact us at info@4SPE.org.

Refund Policy

No refunds will be granted. Registration may be transferred to an alternate person if requested. No transfers of registration after May 1. For registration questions or issues, contact SPE Customer Relations: +1 203.775.0471.

Copyright & Permission to Use

SPE may take photographs and audio/video recordings during the conference, pre-conference meetings and receptions that may include attendees within sessions, networking areas, exhibition areas, and other areas associated with the conference both inside and outside of the venue. By registering for this event, all attendees are providing permission for SPE to use this material at its discretion on SPE's websites, marketing materials, and publications. SPE retains ownership of copyright to all photographs and audio/video recording obtained at this event and attendees may request copies of any material in which they are included.

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