SPE Plastics Processing Conference 2021


Note: Due to COVID-19, dates/times are subject to change.

Preconference — Tuesday, October 19, 2021 ^ Back to top
Time Title Speaker
08:30 Heat stabilizers Bob Smith, PMC-Organometallix
09:25 Lubricants Rob Decker, Norac
10:30 Modifiers Dr. Amy Lefebvre, Arkema
11:00 Plasticizers Bill Arendt, Arendt Consulting
01:00 PVC Gelation Mark Lavach, Arkema
01:30 PVC Compounding 101 Tom Schelling, Teknor
02:20 D2396 Plasticizer Absorption Christoph Pielen, Brabendar
02:50 Rigid Vinyl Extrusion Basics — What You Need to Know About Extrusion of Rigid Vinyl Randy Brown, IPPI
04:00 Panel Discussion
Wednesday, October 20, 2021 ^ Back to top
Time Title Speaker
08:00 Vinyl Program and Sustainability Jennifer Armstrong, VI
08:40 Mixing Different K-Value Resins: What Are the Benefits Andy Bourgeois/Catherine Michel, Shin-Etsu
09:10 Renewable Polyester Plasticizer Performance in Flexible Vinyl Formulations Sean Neuenfeldt, Hallstar
09:40 BREAK
10:00 Silanes in Plastisols Bill Arendt, Hengda
10:30 Jayflex™ L9TM: A Trimellitate Plasticizer for Extreme Flexible PVC Performance Beth Fitch, EXXON
11:00 Mixed Metal Stabilizers for Rigid PVC Nick Tomko, Valtris
01:00 High Efficiency Stabilizers for Bio-Based Compounds Phil Cascais, Galata Chemicals
01:30 Engineered Decor Solutions for PVC Applications Jim Gherardi, Penn Color
03:00 Designing Green Additives for Reduced Leaching: Combining Sustainability and Functionality to Improve Surface Finish During PVC Calendering Bill Arendt/Roya Jamarani, McGill University
03:30 Maximize Recycled PVC Potential with Phosphite Stabilization Charles Phillips, Dover
04:00 PVC Extrusion w/ Plantary Roller Extruder Michael Batton, Triad/Entex Rust & Mitshke
Thursday, October 21, 2021 ^ Back to top
Time Title Speaker
08:00 Next Generation Automotive Trends and Technologies He (Parker) Zhu, Teknor
09:10 Stabilizing Lubricants for Tin Reduction and Non-tin Options for Rigid PVC John Ferenc, Baerlocher
10:00 Embodied Carbon-Recycling Domenic Decaria, Vinyl Institute
10:30 Innovative Cooling Technology for Complex Profile Extrusion Tooling Randy Brown, IPPI
11:00 Stabilizers Bob Smith, PMC
11:30 Comparative Studies Between Phthalate and Non-Phthalate Fast Fusing Plasticizers Megan Kravek, Valtris
12:00 Designing Green Additives for Reduced Leaching: Combining Sustainability and Functionality to Improve Surface Finish During PVC Calendering Roya Jamarani, McGill University

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