Foams® 2022 - Conference, Tutorial & Exhibition

Foams® 2022 - Call for Papers

Please send a title and an abstract of your paper, 100–150 words in length, with full contact information by June 15 to Prof. Ernesto Di Maio at

Papers are invited on the following topics:

  • Advances in Foam Materials, Processing orApplications
  • Micro/Nanocellular Foams & Future Trends
  • Foam composites for automotive oraerospace
  • Crosslinked / Thermoset Foams
  • Health, hygiene and foodapplications
  • Sustainable & Bio-based foams
  • Lightweight protectivefoams

Conference chairs:
Gary Wilkes, Dart Container
Kelvin Okamoto, Green Bottom Line

Technical Program:
Prof. Ernesto Di Maio, University of Naples Federico II
Dr. Stéphane Costeux , DuPont

FOAMS Tutorials:
Prof. Chul B. Park, University of Toronto

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