SPE Foams® 2024

September 17–20, 2024
King of Prussia, PA

Hosted by the SPE Thermoplastic Materials and Foams Division and the SPE Palisades-MidAtlantic Section

The FOAMS® 2024 Tutorials and Conference event will be held on September 17-20 in King of Prussia, PA. This international conference, sponsored by SPE's Thermoplastic Materials & Foams division and the Palisades - Mid-Atlantic section, is the premier forum related to new developments in foaming technologies.

The FOAMS® 2024 conference on September 19 and 20, 2024 will feature presentations by leading foam researchers in industry and academia on innovations in foam processing, novel blowing agents, micro- and nano-cellular foams, sustainability in foams, biodegradable foams, foamed nanocomposites, etc. with special emphasis on potential industrial applications.

For those new to the foams area, FOAMS® Tutorials will be held prior to the conference on September 17 and 18, 2024.

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