SPE National Week of Injection Molding |September 24–25, 2024 | Online

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National Week of Injection Molding 2024 - For Sponsors

National Week of Injection Molding 2024


During the Week of Injection Molding, experts from the industry explore some of the most popular trends, techniques, and technologies that make Injection Molding one of the most versatile molding options available whether you're a student, molder, supplier, or OEM.

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Why Sponsor this Online Event?

Brand Visibility: Showcase your brand in front of a relevant and engaged audience, including molders, suppliers, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Networking Opportunities: This event brings together experts and professionals from various facets of the injection molding industry.

Demonstrate Expertise: Enhance your reputation as thought leaders in the injection molding industry.

Targeted Marketing: Feature products and services that are directly relevant to the interests and needs of attendees.

Support for the Industry: Contribute to the advancement and education of the injection molding community. Enhance your image as a committed player in the industry’s growth and development.

Recruitment Platform: An opportunity for sponsors to meet potential employees who are skilled and passionate about injection molding.

Customer Engagement: Engage directly with current and potential customers.

Community Contribution: Support the industry’s community by helping to make such educational and networking events possible.

Sponsorship Level Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Cost $2,000 $1,000 $500 $250
Sponsorships Available 1 2 2 5
Complimentary Registrations 5 3 2 1
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Website Advertisements:
Advertisements on SPE and IMD website will be posted to the event pages of each website with a hyperlink to your desired destination. Artwork should be 300 x 275 points.

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You logo will be displayed on SPE email invitations to the event as well as within IMD email newsletters with a hyperlink to your desired destination. Please supply a high resolution image of your logo.

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Advertisements will be displayed in between presentations. Artwork submitted should be a Widescreen (16:9) PowerPoint slide.

Social Media:
Your company will be mentioned as an event sponsor in a variety of social media posts before and during the event.

Host Breakout Room:
Take the helm of an exclusive breakout room, virtually engaging with attendees during a 1-hour time slot. This is a fantastic opportunity to network intimately within a virtual setting. As the session leader, you'll facilitate introductions and ignite stimulating discussions among all participants, ensuring a lively and interactive experience for everyone involved. Make the most of this chance to connect, share, and inspire.

Speaking Opportunity:
Seize the chance to shine at this upcoming virtual event by delivering a powerful 1 hour promotional presentation to the entire assembly of attendees. This is your moment to captivate an eager audience with your innovative ideas, products, or services. As the featured presenter, you’ll have the unique platform to influence, engage, and leave a lasting impression on a diverse group of industry professionals.

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Contact: Sriraj S. Patel; spatel@polymer-ss.com; +1 315.529.7789

This educational program is provided as a service of SPE. The views and opinions expressed on this or any SPE educational program are those of the Speaker(s) and/or the persons appearing with the Speaker(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Society of Plastics Engineers, Inc. (SPE) or its officials, employees or designees. To comment or to present an opposing or supporting opinion, please contact us at info@4SPE.org.

Copyright & Permission to Use

SPE may take photographs and audio/video recordings during the event, pre-event meetings and receptions that may include attendees within sessions, networking areas, exhibition areas, and other areas associated with the event both inside and outside of the venue. By registering for this event, all attendees are providing permission for SPE to use this material at its discretion on SPE's websites, marketing materials, and publications. SPE retains ownership of copyright to all photographs and audio/video recording obtained at this event and attendees may request copies of any material in which they are included.

Anti-Trust Statement

  1. No discussion among members, volunteers, or staff, which attempts to arrive at any agreement regarding prices, terms or conditions of sale, distribution, volume, territories, or customers;
  2. No activity or communication which might be construed as an attempt to prevent any person or business entity from gaining access to any market or customer for goods or services or any business entity from obtaining services or a supply of goods;
  3. No activity or communication which might be construed as an agreement to refrain from purchasing or using any materials, equipment, services or supplies of or from any supplier; or
  4. No other activity which violates anti-trust or applicable laws aimed at preventing unfair competition.

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