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SPE Insight

  • I am not a fan of graduation speeches, TED Talks, or any other lecture that includes the phrase “follow your passion.” I think it is one of the most useless and overrated phrases people lean on to make you think they're really onto something. Now, before you assume I'm a work‐hating passion‐free person, let me explain my train of thought (Godspeed to you, dear Reader).

  • At some point you’re going to need to take more than a day or two off of work. It might be for a vacation, it might be for parental leave, or it might be for something you didn’t plan on like sick relative or an accident. Obviously the unplanned absences are harder to prepare for (unless you have a solid Magic 8 Ball on your side), but there are a few things you could do so you don’t leave your company in the lurch should that type of situation come up. Here are some of the ways you can be prepared to take off, whatever the situation may be.




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