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SPE Insight

  • New Rogers Corp. materials control thermal runaway in electric vehicles

    With e-mobility gaining traction, chemistries to prevent thermal runaway—i.e., temperature spikes in failing electric vehicle (EV) batteries that can grow into raging fires—is a key focus of Rogers Corp.

  • SPE is pleased to announce its recently elected Executive Board members, including the positions of President, President-Elect, VP Business & Finance, VP Chapters, and VP Publications.

  • The use of carbon fiber to improve the fracture toughness of 3D-printed fused filament fabricated carbon fiber/ABS composites was effective in loadings up to 25 percent, according to research detailed in a May 10 ANTEC® presentation. Optimal results were achieved with 10 percent carbon fiber load.

  • Researchers gauge impact of fibers in multiple applications

    The May 12 composites session featured several talks characterizing fiber-breakage mechanisms and developing predictive models for discontinuous/short-fiber injection molding materials. It’s well established both that retained fiber length has a major impact on mechanical properties of composites and that, by its nature, injection molding provides many opportunities to break fibers.


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