Pinnacle — Communications
(A Networked Society)


Pinnacle — Communications Award Scoresheet




  • Production of a newsletter with relevant and useful content that keeps members abreast of ongoing activities and events. Editorial and consistency standards and Branding/Communications Guidelines will be considered in the review process. (Provide samples of at least 2 newsletters.)


  • Use of the SPE website to communicate with both members and potential members. (Provide website link and at least 3 examples of communication to members.)

Innovative Communication Tools

  • Tools such as blogs, podcasts, use of a mobile app, Webex forums and doing things with the local media/press to promote SPE. (Provide examples.)

Generational Reach in Communication

  • School or other public outreach programs such as Plastivan, STEM activities and competitions. (Provide examples.)

Use of Two-Way Modes of Communication

  • Surveys and other active social networking venues that promote timely feedback and discussion. (Provide examples.)

Best Practices

  • Sharing among SPE Groups something new relative to programming, meeting location and social networking (Provide examples.)

Branding and Communications Guidelines

  • Use of SPE branding guidelines and consistent application of SPE communication guidelines. (Provide examples of communication materials not already submitted to support this criteria.)