Industry 3.0 to Industry 4.0 The Plastic Processors Journey - SPE Milwaukee Section

February 19, 2019



Brookfield Sheraton
375 S Moorland Road
Brookfield, WI 53005



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Industrialization has been broken down into four distinct generations, each one marked by a significant change in technology. Industry 4.0, or I4.0, is the marking of the fourth generation. Most US manufacturers that have managed to stay in business through 2008 - or that have defended against offshoring over the past decades - have probably adopted automation to some extent. That is so I3.0. Those of us who have engaged in Foxconn supply chain conversation have probably learned of their I4.0 expectations. If you find yourself wanting or needing to learn more about what's possible or what's in store for our industry, please join the Milwaukee SPE on February 19, 2019 when Arburg talks about I4.0 for plastic processors at the Sheraton Brookfield.

We hope to see you there!