Honored Service Member Guidelines


The purpose of these guidelines is to describe the procedures for nomination and election of Society of Plastics Engineers members to the Honored Service Member grade and to provide some assistance for carrying out those procedures.


Honored Service Member Bylaw
To be elected an Honored Service Member, a candidate shall have been awarded the President’s Cup or have demonstrated long-term, outstanding service to, and support of, the Society and its objectives; shall be sponsored, in writing, by the Board of Directors of at least one Section or Division, or by a Committee of the Society organized for this purpose; and have been a member in good standing for six years.  Honored Service Members shall be elected by a two-thirds majority of a committee established for that purpose.  The level of Honored Service Members shall at no time exceed one-twentieth of the voting members in good standing of the Society.


Nominating Organization

  • A SPE member may be nominated for the Honored Service Member grade by the board of directors of a Section, Division, or by the SPE HSM Nominating Committee.
  • Having decided upon a nominee, the nominating organization contacts, in writing, the SPE Staff Liaison to verify the candidate’s eligibility.
  • Once eligibility is determined, the nominating organization designates a Process Champion to follow through with the application process.
  • The nominating organization contacts the nominee and obtains the name of a Sponsor.

The nominating organization then completes the online form:

The nominee completes the following steps (in order).

STEP 1 (FORM 2) -
Candidate completes a chart in detail by listing dates and positions held in service to SPE including positions held on the Section and/or Division and/or Special Interest Group (SIG) Board of Directors, service with an SPE Student Chapter, and service on the Society or SPE Foundation level. Please use the FORM 2 Chart found here:

STEP 2 (FORM 3) -
Candidate fills out an online form, which is focused on their top five achievements. Access FORM 3 here:

Sponsor(s) completes FORM 4: Sponsor Statement, outlining the outstanding accomplishments of the nominee as a society volunteer, stressing the value of these accomplishments.

Please access FORM 4 here:

Process Champion
A Section/Division Process Champion is imperative to the success of the nomination process.

He/She will:

  • Facilitate the submission of the various Forms.
  • Ensure all forms have been submitted to SPE Headquarters for distribution to the Honored Service Member Election Committee.
  • Do any required follow-up.

HSM Election Committee Chair

  • General oversight of entire HSM process and recognition
  • Selects/appoints individuals as committee members
  • Conducts HSM training session for sponsors, process champions and interested individuals.
  • Conducts quality check of all completed applications to identify weak paperwork
  • Works with SPE Staff Liaison to notify Process Champions of areas that need additional/more complete information
  • Conducts HSM Election Committee teleconference to select recipients
  • Summarizes the work of the committee including the election results and provides a report to the Executive Committee Liaison for the SPE Executive Committee  

HSM Election Committee Members 

  • Review applications, assign discretionary points, send total points allotted/application back to Staff Liaison
  • Uphold reasonable standards of eligibility, participate in Election teleconference, and elect recipients for HSM

Staff Liaison 

  • Communicates HSM criteria and nomination procedures, to SPE leadership
  • Ensures that HSM application and policy are posted on the SPE website
  • Sends notification to SPE leadership requesting nominations
  • Checks applications upon receipt and contacts Process Champion to confirm receipt and/or notify him/her that application is incomplete
  • Sends completed applications to Committee Chair for review
  • Provides all completed applications to HSM Election Committee members
  • After committee member initial review, compiles total points per application per reviewer in a spreadsheet and sends it to all committee members
  • Sets up HSM Election Committee teleconference
  • Aids and Coordinates presentation at ANTEC
  • Sends letter of congratulations, including logistics of presentation, to all new HSMs
  • Requests press releases, published list of new HSMs, and sharing new HSMs to website from SPE Martketing Department

Executive Board

  • Review list provided by Executive Committee Liaison, resolve and questions or discussion points, and approve HSM candidates.

SPE President

  • Selects HSM Election Committee Chair
  • Aids in filling HSM Election Committee with members
  • Participates (without vote) in HSM Election Committee teleconference
  • Presents letter from HSM Committee Chair on election of HSM candidates to Executive Committee and facilitates discussion 
  • Contacts by phone each candidate who is selected to congratulate him/her
  • Contacts by phone each candidate who was not selected, giving them a chance to ask “why”


Completed application includes:

FORM 1: Nomination for Honored Service Member
FORM 2: SPE Volunteer Activity of Candidate
FORM 3: Top Five Achievements
FORM 4:  Sponsor Statement

Deadline for the submission of a completed application – October 1, 2019
Copies of complete applications forwarded to the HSM Committee Chair for quality check – October 14, 2019
Deadline for missing/incomplete information as requested by HSM Committee Chair – October 31, 2019
Honored Service Members Committee report forwarded to the Executive Committee for endorsement – January 2020
Presentation of the HSM certificates and pins – at ANTEC 2020

Submittal Process
The application process is online. All additional materials submitted with online forms must be in a PC compatible format. They must be submitted in either Microsoft Word (.doc) or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file types.

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