Applied Rheology Workshop 3-Part Series


July 13, 2021 11:00AM–Noon ET Workshop 1
July 20, 2021 11:00AM–Noon ET Workshop 2
July 27, 2021 11:00AM–Noon ET Workshop 3


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Shear Rheology in Capillary Flow, as it pertains to Melt Indexers and Capillary Rheometers

This workshop may be of interest to all that work in a lab that tests polymers, where flow properties of molten polymer is of interest. If you deal with moldings, extrusion, or compounding, if you are concerned about processing of virgin, recycled materials, or a mixture of those, you are likely in need of Melt Indexers and/or Capillary Rheometers. Here you will learn when and how to use which instrument and for what purpose.

Workshop 1

A brief history of the development of instruments that will also explain why we sometimes need one, or the other test.

Introduction into rheology, the basics of the physical test with some theory, to get an understanding of what are the critical parts of the measurement.

Coverage of relevant ASTM parts of norms D20-1238 and D20-3835

Workshop 2

Introduction of different melt indexers available, with a focus on what is used for which norm and procedures. Application examples for lab and process use. Practical tips.

Workshop 3

Introduction of available capillary rheometers, with a focus on the range of options to choose from. Application examples for lab and process use.

Q&A followed by a short quiz.

GOETTFERT Inc. in association with SPE’s Applied Rheology Division will give points according to a pts schedule yet to be agreed upon.

About the Speaker

Tim Haake studied physics in Germany, got an MBA in America and worked trade shows on all continents but Antarctica. He taught classes about Organizational Change, Critical Thinking and International Marketing. He managed small and large companies, mostly being involved in the realm of measurement instruments, especially being involved in the field of rheology, in the third generation. Tim has been involved with SPE for over 10 years, worked with GOETTFERT for over 20 years and been married for over 30 years, resulting in two sons, both engineers.

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