Acrylic Impact Modifiers for PVC: Core-Shell Modifier Chemistry and Performance - All Things PVC Part II

July 21, 2021
This is part I of the "All Things PVC" workshop series.





The speaker will review the basics of core-shell chemistry focusing on acrylic technology and its advantages for mechanical property improvement and weatherability in PVC formulating. Core principles of mechanical property improvement via stress concentrators for PVC matrices and formulations will be presented. In addition to rheology and mechanical property enhancement via acrylic chemistry, the presentation will also provide perspective on choosing the best impact modifier based on specific formulation needs or application types where standards vary based on the final needs of the vinyl building product, for example. The talk will follow-up on the principles covered in the introduction to PVC Gelation and Formulation.

About the Speaker

Raber Inoubli has been working as a materials scientist and polymer engineer in the polymer industry since 2007.  He has completed projects for different applications like building, packaging, composite, adhesive and 3D printing. Rabi’s research has largely focused on polymer physical chemistry where he has experience with (meth)acrylic additives, thermoplastic matrix (PVC, PC, PLA), thermosetting matrix (epoxy, methacrylic…).  Rabi is a graduate of Université de Pau, France.

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