It’s much more than a “Plastics Race”… it’s SPE’s Plastics Summer Olympics!

Think you’ve got what it takes to win a Gold/Silver/Bronze-colored plastic medal? Compete against your SPE colleagues and test your plastics knowledge by answering a wide variety of questions in our first Summer Olympics Competition.


  • Points are awarded for each correct answer, and deducted for hints used
  • Speed matters! Tiebreaker is the amount of time spent answering the questions
  • Contestants try to medal in as many events as they choose
  • Participate in all 5 events to compete for the SPE Olympic Pentathlon Medals
  • Students and Plastics Professionals compete in separate competitions
  • Student Chapters with the highest average score from at least 3 participants will receive the coveted plastic Olympics Traveling Trophy

SPE’s Plastics Summer Olympics, powered by QMe Tech, will be held for 4 days starting on Friday, August 6 (starting at 9am ET) through Monday, August 9 (am ET). You can compete at your convenience! Watch the leader board and see if you’ll be taking your spot on the winner’s podium!

No cost for SPE members to participate!

Winners will be announced on August 10 and recognized on the SPE website and in Plastics Engineering magazine.

Sign up here to reserve your spot in the SPE Plastics Summer Olympics!

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