The Plastics Technology Conference


Today’s Ideas at ANTEC® are Tomorrow’s Innovations in Plastics
ANTEC® 2019, produced by SPE-Inspiring Plastics Professionals, is the largest, most respected and well-known technical conference in the plastics industry. It’s where classroom theory connects with real world solutions.


Why should you attend?
This year, ANTEC® 2019 has been reformatted into two programs INSPIRE and INSIGHT to best represent the ideas and trends shaping our plastics industry.



550+ technical and business papers and 60+ marketing presentations, spanning Monday thru Wednesday midday, you will be able to enjoy the traditional ANTEC® that you know and love –complete with networking and student events and exhibitor receptions.



Running from Wednesday midday and all-day Thursday with megatrend sessions on Packaging, Building & Construction, Sustainability and Transportation you will get face-to-face interaction with expert representatives from the largest industry segments. INSIGHTS will focus on the big picture –and the biggest questions being asked in the plastics community today.


Who Should Attend?
SPE is comprised of 22,500+ members, all from diverse backgrounds and careers – ANTEC® is no different. Managers, engineers, R&D scientists, technicians, sales & marketing associates, executives, academics and students are all invited to enhance their career in plastics through this networking and knowledge sharing event.